Building materials experts have been calling for a change to the building codes in the UK, which has made it illegal for building owners to sell damaged or defective toilet seats.

The British Homebuilding Council (BHC) has said that while it is not clear if it would apply to a house built on a roofing block or a building designed to be on a slab, it does not think that is a reasonable alternative.

“The only alternative is to sell the damaged or broken seat, so we need to make sure that people are aware of that before they make a decision about whether or not they can do it,” said Mark Ward, a structural engineer and director of engineering at the BHC.

“In the meantime, we are asking people to be aware of the potential consequences of not doing that.”

The BHC is calling on builders to remove the seats from their existing structures before selling them.

The government is set to review the building regulations next month and has indicated that it may lift some of the restrictions on sales.

“It’s a real concern that we have seen over the last few years that the Government is looking to make it easier for people to sell these seats,” Ward said.

“We are now in the final stages of writing the next draft of the Building Regulations which will give people more certainty about what can and cannot be sold.”

We are asking builders to consider how they will comply with the new requirements and we would be very happy to provide guidance for the industry.

“Mr Ward said that it was unlikely that there would be a change in the regulations, but that he was not yet certain.”

There are many questions to be answered in terms of what is the best course of action and how does that affect the industry,” he said.”

As we are writing the draft of these regulations, there will be many other factors to consider.

“For instance, the Government will be working with industry on the final draft of those regulations, and so I’m not yet sure how that will play out, but I can say that we are looking at all of the options.”

He added that the BSC would be writing to the Home Office in the coming weeks to make its case for loosening the regulations.

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