BRUNSWICK, N.J. (Reuters) – Construction on the site of a factory that made the materials used in Blanchards new glass building material is expected to begin soon, a building material manufacturer said on Friday.

In a statement, Advanced Building Materials said it was working with the company’s partner to build the new factory in Newark, New Jersey, a city that was home to one of the world’s largest glass production facilities until it closed in the 1970s.

The company said it would employ 500 people and make up to 100,000 metric tons of glass a year from the facility.

The company will have two warehouses in Newark.

The building materials manufacturing business has been growing for years, as glass production companies have sought to make glass with lower melting points, a feature that helps make it lighter than metal.

But the glass industry has faced fierce competition from other materials including polyurethane, a polymer that is cheaper to make and lighter, and biocompatible plastic, which has lower melting and corrosion rates than glass.

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