Donald Trump took a swipe at the Democratic presidential nominee’s team on Friday, saying he was treated worse by the former secretary of state in the first debate than he has been by any other GOP presidential candidate.

During the first presidential debate, Trump faced a barrage of attacks over his record on women, illegal immigration and his stance on abortion, and his performance in the debate was no exception.

In his opening statement, Trump called Clinton a “corrupt woman” and a “disgrace” who is “dangerous to women and children.”

The Republican nominee said he had to take a “big shot” to show his strength against Clinton, who he said has been a “champion for the special interests” in the GOP.

Trump also slammed the Clintons for “taking millions from the Wall Street banks and Wall Street speculators who own the United States of America” and vowed to “do everything in my power to make sure that they never get a penny.”

He also slammed Clinton’s use of the phrase “Crooked Hillary” and said it was an insult to all Americans who “never forgot that this country was built on the backs of the people.”

“I’m not the type of person who likes to hear a nasty word in a debate,” Trump said.

“The one thing I do know is this: I’ll tell you who won the debate,” he said.

“The Republicans won it.”

“They won,” Trump continued.

“You can’t let them win.”

Clinton responded to the Republican presidential nominee, telling him she did not want him to “have a good night” in terms of debate preparation.

She said it would be unfair to take away from her performance, but added: “I was able to respond to all of the tough questions.

I’m not going to be the person who loses a debate.”

Trump said he was “totally prepared” and “will do a fantastic job” in a general election matchup against Clinton.

Trump’s campaign said in a statement that Clinton was “unfair” for “dismissing” the debate after Trump called her “disgusting.”

Trump’s team had initially said that Clinton would be taking questions on Wednesday evening, but the campaign later changed that.

Trump said it could be a “very tough night” for the Republican nominee and that it could hurt him in the general election.

“You know, they can’t even get me on the same level as her,” Trump told CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Friday.

“I’ll have a tough night.”

Trump also told Cuomo that Clinton had been “breathtakingly bad” in debates before, and he said he thought that the Democratic nominee would be “unstoppable.”

“She’s been so badly treated, I’m going to say that again,” Trump added.

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