Glass, the futuristic glasses, is coming back to the United States.

Glass, which Google bought last year, will arrive in 2020 and be available to the public as soon as 2021, according to an announcement on Wednesday from Google.

Google is hoping to sell as many as 200,000 Glasses per year in the United Nations and to the general public by then.

Glass has a special version of the smartphone, the Google Glass, that can detect objects at a distance and can be controlled by a hand.

Google Glass will come with an array of apps, including one called My Glass, where users can download apps, create their own, and control the device using a smartphone.

Google said it would also offer a number of “wearable experiences” on Glass, including a “portrait mode” and “portraiture mode” where users are able to see their surroundings, and “glass bridge mode,” where users connect Glass to their computer.

Glass is one of the few products on the market that allows users to create their “personas” on a screen and wear them in public spaces.

Users can upload their own photos and videos, which are then shared with friends.

It also includes a number in-built “social capabilities,” such as tagging and sharing your phone number, location, and more.

Google will also add “social” features to Glass in the future.

Glass can also track your heart rate and other health data, as well as track your friends’ movements.

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