Google’s Glass is now a “glass 2” and that the software will be called Glass 3.

A source close to Google told The Verge that Glass 2 will be “glass 3” and Glass 3 will be Google Glass.

Google Glass is Google’s attempt to break into the mobile phone market and bring a more personal interface to the phone.

Glass 2 was the first to be released in March, but Google has been teasing Glass 3 for some time.

Google announced Glass 2 in late 2015 and Glass 2 didn’t get a “Glass 3” moniker until April 2017.

Glass 3 was announced at a developer conference in October, and it was a “full-fledged” version of Glass that was available for download for developers to use.

Google has yet to make a final decision about Glass 3, which is not expected until sometime next year.

Glass can be used for things like navigation and photo taking, but it’s not designed to be an entertainment device like a television.

Google’s intent for Glass 2 has always been to help developers create a new way to create apps and websites that people use, but Glass 3 has more to offer.

Google says it will provide the developer with “more than one billion apps, and hundreds of millions of users.”

Glass 3 is also a lot cheaper than Glass 2, though it’s still expensive to buy.

Google will be able to offer Glass 3 at a much lower price point than it did before.

Glass was supposed to cost $1,499 for a 64GB model and $1 to $1.99 for a 128GB model.

The 64GB version is $350 cheaper than the 128GB version, but the 128gb version costs $1 million more.

It’s not clear if Google will charge for the 64GB edition of Glass.

Glass is available for $1 at Best Buy, Best Buy has no Glass 2 pricing, and Amazon has no pricing for Glass 3 in the United States.

Google also confirmed that Glass 3 won’t be able go into production in the first half of 2020, though Glass 2 did go into pre-production in early 2017.

Google told Wired that Glass will ship “in Q4 2019” and will ship for $999.99.

It will be $1 a month for all current Glass customers, $1 for all future Glass customers and $999 for Glass owners.

Glass will also be compatible with other phones and tablets, though Google is still not saying how many of its own apps will be available for Glass.

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