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(AP) The prices for some luxury condo units are climbing, but are there enough of them to keep them affordable?

Or is the luxury condo market just too big for a single unit?

The number of units in the Atlanta area that can be purchased with cash and mortgage is shrinking, but that is not the case for all luxury condos.

In fact, the number of luxury condos is still increasing in the metro area.

The numbers are based on the number and size of condos in the region.

The new numbers from the Atlanta Real Estate Board show that condos sold in 2016 were sold at a median asking price of $534,923, up from $516,826 in 2015.

That compares to a median selling price of just over $500,000 for condos in 2015 and $525,000 in 2016.

The number and type of condos sold is the best way to gauge the demand for a particular condo.

There are only so many condos in a condo and they can’t all be made to meet the needs of a single owner.

The AP has done research and has identified a handful of the best and most affordable condo units in Atlanta.

The following are the most expensive condos in Atlanta that are currently available for sale.

The number listed is for a typical unit that is currently listed for sale, and is based on sales data from real estate agents and brokers in the past three months.

In some cases, a condo can be listed for as little as $1.1 million.

Here are the five most expensive condo units available for buy in the city:The following condos are available for purchase:The listing for the most affordable luxury condo is located at 705 West 6th Street.

The listing price for the listing is $1,834,000.

The median price for this listing is about $1 million per unit.

The price of the unit is not set yet.

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