A reporter from Recode was sent a letter from a real estate developer that told him that the Boston building materials needed to build the new $1.7 trillion skyscraper were already on the building site.

Recode obtained the letter through the Freedom of Information Act.

We’re going to look at the letter and explain what the company says in it.

In its letter, the real estate firm said it was required to provide “all building material” for the project.

It did not elaborate on what it means to “all” and when it says “all,” Recode’s reporter could only say “the materials.”

The company also said the building materials were “required for the entire building” and “will be provided.”

According to Recode, the letter from the developer went on to say that it would provide the building “with all necessary equipment to complete the project,” which the developer said would include “all necessary construction and engineering materials, and necessary protective equipment.”

Recode’s source also said that the building would require a “completion date and exact cost” for its construction.

We’ve reached out to the Boston office of the developer for clarification.

When Recode first asked about the letter, a spokesperson for the developer wrote, “the letter does not provide a full breakdown of the required materials and the full building design will be completed before any final approvals can be issued.”

The letter also said “the building will be built in a manner consistent with the Boston Architecture and Development Manual.”

The manual is an urban design guide, which is what the Boston real estate agency uses to guide the construction of a building.

Recoding’s source did not respond to our request for comment.

The building will have to be built using the same materials and methods as the one used to build Boston’s most famous building, the old Globe building.

The Globe has been home to a variety of projects over the years, including the Olympic Games in 2000 and the Boston Marathon in 2012.

A building that was built in the same building will not be the same as the building that will be used to complete it, according to Recoding’s story.

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Earlier this year, the New York Times reported that the Globe was required by law to provide building materials and other equipment to a proposed hotel in Shanghai.

One of the documents that the newspaper obtained was a document from the New England Building Materials Association (NEBA), which said that in order to complete work on a new hotel, it would have to acquire building materials from the company.

But the realty firm said in its letter that NEBA was required in its contract with the Globe to provide the materials, including “all equipment needed to complete and/or construct the building.”

In a statement to Recodes, NEBA did not immediately respond to a request for clarification about what the agency is specifically saying in the letter.

Meanwhile, another company that is building a hotel in the area of the Boston skyline has told Recode it is not using any materials from NEBA. 

Recode reached out directly to the developer of the new hotel and it did not have any additional comment.

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