The best way to build a house is to use the materials you already have in your garage, says the author of Building the Future, a book by the renowned architect Richard Meier that includes a video tutorial.

That’s because most of the materials needed to build homes in the future will be manufactured locally, using the latest manufacturing techniques, Meier said.

“What you need to build the house is all these things you already know,” he said.

If you want to learn more about building a house in the next few years, you can do so by visiting the building materials section of the online book’s index.

But Meier recommends a different approach: “You want to be a bit of a builder,” he told CNN.

Instead of looking at the materials and building a model house, Meier’s approach is to build one using his own ideas.

He recommends creating the house using LEGO bricks, a common building material used in modern homes.

For the first few years of his career, Meier did not own a LEGO house, but he did buy and use bricks from a friend, who he said was a “great builder.”

But after a few years with the bricks, Meier says, “the house just started to feel more like an ordinary home.”

“The bricks are a beautiful thing,” he says.

The bricks were initially used in the construction of an apartment in his hometown of Darmstadt, Germany.

Now, he said, they are the main building materials in his house.

Meier built the house with a friend’s bricks, but instead of building an entire house, he made it as a collection of individual bricks.

He built it using the same LEGO bricks he used to build his first house, and he says the house was more of a project for him than a toy.

Meier has said that a LEGO-inspired house is not only good for the environment, but it also provides a way to share his love of building with his family.

The home has a few elements of a Lego house: a roof with a small hole through which water can drain, a large room with two large bedrooms and a living room, and a kitchen with a refrigerator, stove and pantry.

The LEGO house has been designed to last for 10 years, Meier added.

“I wanted the LEGO house to have a certain look, because I think people can be a little bit different than the average person, and I wanted to give that to them,” Meier said, adding that he hoped his LEGO house would inspire other people to start building houses.

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