In the future, the concept of a no-frills home may be on the rise.

The home-based economy is now taking off.

The Australian Property Institute predicts more than $4 trillion in home-value gains will be generated in Australia in the next three years.

In a study commissioned by the Institute, the author of which is Professor Chris Rimmer, suggests the home-first lifestyle may be the future of the Australian lifestyle.

He told the ABC’s AM program:”The idea of owning a home, the idea of renting it, and then renting out it to your friends is really starting to look like a bit of a niche thing.”

If you’re not doing that, then people are going to start to buy and then people will start to be able to go out and rent.

“A no-fuss design The Institute says a no frills home is “an easy, inexpensive and high-quality option” for many people.”

You’re not building a new home; you’re buying a property,” Professor Rimmer said.”

So you’re going to have to find a home that suits your needs.

“For those who do buy a home or rent a property, he says, they’ll need to look for an amenity.”

The kind of amenity that you can buy, you need to have a garage, you have a bedroom that you need a bath, you want to have something on the front porch and a nice patio, you can also buy a patio garden.”‘

The new norm’The author also suggests a home-focused lifestyle is on the way.”

When you think about a no fussy home, there are a lot of things that come to mind,” he said.

In particular, he wants people to rethink their current design preferences.”

Some people want a house that’s minimalist and minimalistic, but it’s also got a bit more of a contemporary element, so that it looks a bit like a garden,” he told AM.

The author says people need to be “focussed on making sure it’s not going to look as if it’s been put together on the back of a conveyor belt”.”

So that it’s really not going out of style, it’s just going to be the right fit for the space,” he explained.”

And that means, you know, it should be very small.

“Read more:The Institute’s report has drawn criticism from some members of the media.ABC political reporter David Evans wrote in the Daily Telegraph that a “no frills” house was “an expensive luxury” that “would leave people in the lurch” and was a “disaster for the economy”.

In response, the director of the Institute’s Australian Institute of Architects, Richard Aylett, told the Daily Mail:”We’re not advocating the new home-obsessed lifestyle.

We’re not suggesting people should buy a new house every year and then rent out it.

“The report also drew criticism from the National Farmers Federation, which said it was not recommending a new lifestyle.”

It’s just a suggestion,” Agriculture Minister Steven Miles told the Herald Sun.”

We’ve been advocating a more flexible lifestyle for decades.

It’s about getting more people into the workforce.

“He also said there was a lack of evidence that home-ownership had a positive impact on employment rates.”

I think we’re actually in a pretty good position to say that it doesn’t,” he added.”

People are still working less than they used to, the unemployment rate is still quite high, so it’s going to continue to be a very difficult place to be.”‘

We’re going from being the lowest in the world to being the most prosperous’The institute’s report is expected to be presented to government ministers in Canberra on Tuesday.


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