A JRS house in Mumbai’s eastern suburbs has a nasty history of neglect and vandalism.

Its contents have been vandalised with graffiti, and its walls are littered with broken glass.

But the owners say they are committed to the house’s upkeep, and are trying to clean it up.

We are a house with history, said Kavita Chaudhary, who runs the house for JRS and who is a director of the house.

We are a proud house, she added.

The JRS was founded in 1957 by a former president of the state.

It is the oldest building in Mumbai and is a popular destination for expatriates.

Its heritage has long been a source of pride for locals, who have used it to host weddings, funerals and weddings for guests of state officials and officials of other states.

It is home to many of the most prestigious families in the city, including the Bollywood film industry, as well as the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), the world’s first scientific research institute, which is located here.JRS has an extensive network of private and public buildings across the city.

It also owns and operates a large number of offices in other parts of Mumbai.

But it has a history of vandalism and theft, and there have been several attempts on its walls in the past.

In 2009, a large group of men stormed the JRS, vandalised the house and threw bricks and bricks of nails at its windows, according to the police.

It was later declared a terrorist attack.

In 2012, a group of people tried to break into the JHS office.

In 2014, a gang of men broke into a hotel in the area, damaged its building and attacked a JSS.

In 2016, a man dressed as a police officer attacked a hotel security guard at a JMS property.

In March this year, two people attempted to break in the JSS and damaged its security cameras, according the police, but the group was overpowered.

In April this year a group attacked a private home belonging to the JDS.

The house has also been a focal point of an ongoing anti-social behaviour movement in the neighbourhood, said Suresh Kumar, a senior police official.

The JRS residents have demanded the demolition of the building, which was built by the state government in 1958.

The owners of the JSRs house said they were committed to cleaning up the property and building it up again.

They had been in discussions with the Maharashtra State Urban Development Corporation for years to buy the property, but no resolution had been found.

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