This article originally appeared on BBC News.

The BBC has apologised after the title of a story in its new digital edition caused offence.

The article included an image of a building which depicted a modern-looking building.

It read: “Builders: what you need to know about modern building building materials.”

The caption in question said: “The modern building material is not the same as the classic construction materials.”

It was quickly deleted.

In a statement, the BBC said: The title of the article included the following image.

“It was quickly removed from the website, and the article has been updated to clarify the title.”

The article was subsequently removed.

The new edition says the building was based on the original “Modern building material”.

But the caption on the article does not apologise.

The following message was written: “You may not agree with the article or its contents, but we regret the offence caused.

We have apologised.”

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