The National Hockey League announced on Friday that it will donate building materials to a charity, i10, a foundation for the development of the next generation of hockey players.

i10 is one of the most ambitious and successful charities in the world, which is dedicated to developing new ways to support young people.

i8 and i9 have also been a huge source of support to i10.

“We’re so proud of all of the work that has been done to build i10,” NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said in a statement.

“The foundation’s mission is to provide the most inclusive and innovative way to fund youth hockey in the United States.” i10 also has been a major beneficiary of donations, with more than $500,000 donated, according to the organization’s website.

“While the money will not be spent directly on i10 players, i8 players, or the NHL, i20 players will receive a portion of their salary when the game ends,” the organization said in the statement.

Bettman, who is also the commissioner of the U.S. Men’s National Hockey Team, said the donation will allow i10 to continue developing its game-day equipment.

“As we continue to expand our programs to bring the world’s best athletes to the NHL,” Bettman told reporters.

“I hope that the funds from this donation will continue to support i10 and its players.”

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