With the arrival of “The Defenders,” the second season of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first-ever solo Netflix series, we’ve got some exclusive scoop on what to expect and when you can expect to see “The Man Without Fear” and his fellow Defenders return.

But first, what exactly is the show?

“The show is an epic story set in the Marvel Universe and a superhero saga in its own right,” Netflix says in its description of the series.

“Set in New York City in the mid-20th century, ‘The Man without Fear’ is a comic book superhero saga set in contemporary times, where the Defenders are a group of heroes who must overcome their common enemy: the threat of super-powered criminals who are out to destroy the city.”

The Defenders series will focus on the main characters of “Marvel’s” Defenders, the super-team formed to protect New York, with Jessica Jones and Luke Cage serving as lead characters and Nick Fury, the world’s greatest lawyer, as a supporting character.

It will also feature a host of supporting characters including The Punisher, Iron Fist, and The War Machine.

“The new season will bring us a more diverse cast of characters and characters from different eras of Marvel history, making ‘The Marvels’ series even more compelling and satisfying for fans of all ages,” Netflix adds.

“Season 3 will also introduce a brand new hero, the enigmatic ‘The Punisher,’ who will have a major impact on the Defenders as they face the threat posed by the criminal mastermind known as The Man Without Faith.

‘The Netflix Defenders’ will begin in 2018 on Netflix.”

Here’s what Netflix has to say about the first season: “The Marvel’s Defenders” is a series of comic books, movies and TV shows, produced by Netflix, starring Jessica Jones ( Krysten Ritter ), Luke Cage (Mike Colter ), Iron Fist ( Danny Rand ), Daredevil (Charlie Cox ), The Puncher ( Ed Skrein ), The Warlord ( Maurissa Tancharoen ), and more.

The series is the first Marvel Netflix original series to feature a multiracial cast of superheroes.

Jessica Jones is joined by Luke Cage, Iron Man, Daredevil, Daredevil’s sister, Misty Knight, Agent 13, Black Widow, Daredevil and more.

“”Marvels” will be set in modern day, which means the show’s heroes are more diverse than the original Defenders series, and in a world where criminals are a real threat, “The Netflix Marvels” is going to bring some big things to the table, Netflix says.”

The Marvel Marvels,” Netflix explains, will be an “action-packed, action-packed story that centers on the iconic Defenders.

With the new season, Marvels will feature a more colorful cast of heroes and villains from all eras of the MCU, making this season even more thrilling and satisfying.

“Netflix has also teased some of the characters who will be appearing in “The Daredevil.

“The first is “the Punisher.””

The Punishers will also be joined by the Punisher’s daughter, “Caitlin,” as well as the Puncher’s granddaughter, “Sue.”””

Their relentless pursuit of justice brings them into conflict with The Man without Faith, a dangerous criminal who is the most feared criminal in the world.”

The Punishers will also be joined by the Punisher’s daughter, “Caitlin,” as well as the Puncher’s granddaughter, “Sue.”

“Marvels: The Netflix Defenders” will premiere on Netflix on February 25, 2019.

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