“The Office” is coming to NBC on January 23, 2018, and it’s not only a reboot of the popular comedy series that launched in 1993.

The network announced on Tuesday that the show will premiere on the morning news.

The network’s decision to premiere a reboot has been welcomed by fans of the show.

While it’s still early in the show’s run, NBC has had a lot of success with reusing characters and storylines from previous seasons, and this new one will surely get the fans excited for more.

The show has been in development at NBC for nearly a decade, but the network decided to announce the reboot on Tuesday because of the recent success of the NBC drama “The Voice.”

While the show has gotten a lot more attention in recent years, NBC still feels it has a lot to offer in the comedy department.

In fact, the network has been eyeing a “The Great American Bash” reboot for years, and they just added a new host for the reboot.

It’s possible that NBC is still considering an “Office” reboot, but with so many shows getting renewed, we wouldn’t be surprised to see NBC decide to launch the reboot right away.

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