Why the World’s First Antique Warehouse Is Called “Antique”

The first building on the antiques road was constructed in the 18th century and the first building to survive the ravages of the Great Fire of 1780, when the building that housed it was destroyed.A second was constructed and later destroyed in the 1920s.Today, more than 200 buildings have been built over the centuries from the 1820s through to the […]

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How to build your dream home in three simple steps

By The Associated PressAUSTIN, Texas (AP) — A dream of a big, spacious house in the middle of nowhere may have been the hardest thing to pull off.It was a $2.4 million home that could fit a small ranch.It was a two-bedroom ranch.And it was a house that could be renovated in a weekend.But in Texas, home building is often […]

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How to clean a JRS building

A JRS house in Mumbai’s eastern suburbs has a nasty history of neglect and vandalism.Its contents have been vandalised with graffiti, and its walls are littered with broken glass.But the owners say they are committed to the house’s upkeep, and are trying to clean it up.We are a house with history, said Kavita Chaudhary, who runs the house for JRS […]

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