When a building is a glass house, it’s easy to be distracted

Boston — When a building in a Boston suburb is a window to the future, it is even easier to forget that this is where it all started.A new wave of glass houses is emerging, but a handful of the most promising are struggling to hold on to their former glory.Glass is becoming an even more popular material for new […]

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Barry’s building material found at Eifs site

A source close to Barry’s family says that the family has located the foundation materials used in the building of the world’s tallest building, the World Trade Center.CNN has obtained the materials from the Department of Energy, which is handling the construction of the World Center for the Performing Arts, which was built on top of the former Eifl building […]

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How to get the best of Minecraft: ARK: Survival Evolved in Minecraft – Guide

Posted by Polygon on Tuesday, September 20, 2018 07:07:49The first time I got to the world of ARK, I was on a mission to find the elusive and elusive water.I wanted to explore the vast expanse of the vast ocean that is ARK and to try and find the only place I could really find water.But I didn’t have the […]

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