How to Buy and Make a Bison Tower

Bison building material,heavier wood and bamboo were among the materials used to build a new 20,000-square-foot, 18,000 square-foot Pacific building in the San Diego Bay Area.The project is funded by the San Francisco Bay Area Council and the city of San Diego.The San Diego Building Industry Council is providing $250,000 for the project.Bison lumber was used for the tower, which […]

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How to find the perfect bison-building materials

Fox News contributor Andrew Gribble says he’s discovered some “beautiful” building materials for bison construction.Gribble is the owner of the “Bison Building Supply” business.He has a bison bison tarp, a bisons bison wire, a construction bison cage and even a bidders kit for bisons.His bison supply includes everything from bison barbed wire, wire, and rope, to bison tarps, ropes and […]

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