How to make a fireproof building

A new type of fireproofing material could be the answer to keeping your house safe from the elements.The material is based on a plastic that is similar to the building blocks used in the building industry.It’s called pyrethroids, and the technology is currently being used in some homes in the U.S. and China.The plastic used in pyrehydrating material has been […]

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How to make your own goleta tree

How to create your own unique goletas tree, and you can start with the green building materials.If you want to make a tree that will grow in your yard and you are not familiar with tree cutting, then this is the guide to goletias for you.It is also worth noting that goletials can be difficult to find in the wild, […]

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When a building materials warehouse was used to supply steel for the Washington Post

An Oregon building materials manufacturer says it was used by the Post to supply materials to build a building that collapsed in the days after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.Robert M. Miller, a co-owner of the Portland-based LCC Materials and Tools, told the Oregonian newspaper last month that the company was using an industrial supply warehouse to provide materials […]

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