Why we should build more solar in New York City

A recent report from the city’s Office of Planning and Sustainability says it is time to start thinking more solar-friendlyly in New Jersey.The report, titled “Building Solar, Building Smart: New Jersey and Beyond,” says we need to build more buildings that use solar panels or solar energy storage devices, and more buildings with “high-efficiency solar and/or energy-efficient buildings.”The report’s author, […]

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How the Boston Globe won’t be able to tell you the difference between building materials required to build a new skyscraper

A reporter from Recode was sent a letter from a real estate developer that told him that the Boston building materials needed to build the new $1.7 trillion skyscraper were already on the building site.Recode obtained the letter through the Freedom of Information Act.We’re going to look at the letter and explain what the company says in it.In its letter, […]

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How to save money on new construction materials

The building materials used in new construction are important to consider as they are the building materials most likely to be purchased by tenants.This is because they are less expensive than comparable materials used for other uses such as heating and cooling.This article is part of our new series on building materials and the tips and tricks that can make […]

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