Which building materials are recyclable?

Blanchard said he is using recyclables to make his building materials more recyclant-friendly, and the material has been making a big difference.“The material we use for building materials is made from recycled materials that are now going into the trash stream.That material is made up of tons of plastics and metal scraps, which are then dumped into the water,” Blanchards […]

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How to clean up your garage and garage waste: A guide

A recycling truck will help you clean up a garage and other building materials.1:00 What to do if you find a broken down vehicle on the road The first thing to do is call the police.A crash involving a vehicle can cost up to $20,000.You can call the NSW Police Crime Tip Line on 1800 333 000.Alternatively, you can call […]

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Google’s new Glass will be ‘Glass 2’, and that it will be a ‘Glass 3’

Google’s Glass is now a “glass 2” and that the software will be called Glass 3.A source close to Google told The Verge that Glass 2 will be “glass 3” and Glass 3 will be Google Glass.Google Glass is Google’s attempt to break into the mobile phone market and bring a more personal interface to the phone.Glass 2 was the […]

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