Barry’s building material found at Eifs site

A source close to Barry’s family says that the family has located the foundation materials used in the building of the world’s tallest building, the World Trade Center.CNN has obtained the materials from the Department of Energy, which is handling the construction of the World Center for the Performing Arts, which was built on top of the former Eifl building […]

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10 cheap, efficient building materials

Cheap building materials are among the most common materials used in home construction, and they’re becoming a more common tool in the home.Here are 10 of the most commonly used building materials and how they work.1.Pine boards, sheeting, and wood pulp for laminate boards and wood trusses.These materials are used for laminated lumber and wood panels.Pine board is the most […]

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How to save money on new construction materials

The building materials used in new construction are important to consider as they are the building materials most likely to be purchased by tenants.This is because they are less expensive than comparable materials used for other uses such as heating and cooling.This article is part of our new series on building materials and the tips and tricks that can make […]

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