How the West Coast ‘West Coast Advantage’ is being overstated

The West Coast is “a very, very different ecosystem” than it was five years ago, according to one of Australia’s most respected architects.While it was not always like this, the rise of the big three builders has made the region a much more attractive place to build than it would have been in 2010.“There was a very, a very big […]

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What is Koser, the new $200,000 fence?

By Matt BreenKoser, a new $20 million fence in the border town of Koser is a symbol of the new wave of fencing proposed for the U.S.-Mexico border.It was installed earlier this month.The fence is the largest to be constructed by U.N. officials in the country.It’s also a symbol for the Trump administration’s border enforcement priorities, which have already included […]

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