Which NFL players are going to leave the game?

The NFL has announced its roster of 32 players who will be released from the league’s 35-man roster on Monday, but there are still a few surprises that remain.One of those is wide receiver Brandon LaFell, who will likely be released after the season.LaFelle was released from his contract by the Cleveland Browns in October.More from NFL Week 4: Panthers […]

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Google Glass is coming to the US in 2020, but not in 2017

Glass, the futuristic glasses, is coming back to the United States.Glass, which Google bought last year, will arrive in 2020 and be available to the public as soon as 2021, according to an announcement on Wednesday from Google.Google is hoping to sell as many as 200,000 Glasses per year in the United Nations and to the general public by then.Glass […]

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Google’s new Glass will be ‘Glass 2’, and that it will be a ‘Glass 3’

Google’s Glass is now a “glass 2” and that the software will be called Glass 3.A source close to Google told The Verge that Glass 2 will be “glass 3” and Glass 3 will be Google Glass.Google Glass is Google’s attempt to break into the mobile phone market and bring a more personal interface to the phone.Glass 2 was the […]

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