How to make a garage door hinge from scrap materials

A DIY garage door hinges tutorial is coming soon!The idea behind this DIY garage doors hinges is to make your garage doors hinge like a garage!The basic technique involves using scrap materials and making your garage door open using the right parts.You can also make a simple garage door with only the hinges you need.Materials Needed:Door hinges (or other similar […]

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Montreal building materials: Salem’s new salem tower will make a difference

Posted November 02, 2018 11:59:20After a three-year journey, the developers of the historic and landmarked Salem Building Materials building in Montreal’s Westmount neighbourhood have finally unveiled their vision for the future of the building.In a press release, the project’s design team explained that they will be building a tower with “a new aesthetic, with modern features,” including an interior courtyard […]

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