‘Gang of Five’ set to be set in Kocher Building material

RTE 1.20.16: RTE NEWS: A new era is dawning in Ireland’s construction industry, with the construction of a new “gang of five” building material.“Gang” is a new material from the UK that is being developed to build skyscrapers, and is being sold to firms across the country.In a recent presentation to construction companies, RTE presenter Martin O’Connor revealed the names […]

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How to Build a ‘New Detroit’ with a ‘Fully Constructed’ World

Posted by IGN in News | Tags Building Materials,Buildings,Building,Building Materials Company,Detroit,Building company article The most common misconception when it comes to building materials is that it is the same stuff you can buy at a hardware store.That is not the case.While the materials are the same, they are not the same way.This article will show you how to build your […]

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Why is this building in Orlando named ‘Kocher Building Materials’

The kochers are the best building materials in the world, according to a new book by Orlando real estate guru Richard Kocher, and that’s because they’re made of some of the most beautiful and versatile materials in our world.And in the new book, The Book of Kochers: How To Make The Most Beautiful, Efficient, and Effective Building Materials, Kocheers founder, […]

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The Best Building Materials in the World

Building materials are the foundation of a house, and building products are its ultimate beauty.And that’s exactly where a new brand from Kocher is set to make a splash.The Kochers is launching a line of lightweight building materials in the United States, including lightweight plastic and lightweight metal.The company says its products are more environmentally friendly than traditional materials, but […]

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