How to dump garbage without a trash truck

Dumping garbage without one costs a lot of money.You can’t dump it at the landfill without breaking the law.It takes a special kind of lawyer to get it done.But now, a company called DuFrene has created a truck that can haul garbage to a dumpster that can’t be damaged by rain, snow or ice.DuFreNE, based in Chicago, sells an industrial-grade […]

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NFL Players to donate $50K building materials for renovation of Oeg building

NFL Players will donate $100,000 of their salary to renovate the Oeg Arena and will donate 50 percent of their net worth to the charity, according to the Charlotte Observer.The team will use the funds to repair and renovate both the arena and its parking lot, according the paper.Oeg Arena renovation is part of the NFL’s efforts to raise money […]

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