Which building materials are recyclable?

Blanchard said he is using recyclables to make his building materials more recyclant-friendly, and the material has been making a big difference.“The material we use for building materials is made from recycled materials that are now going into the trash stream.That material is made up of tons of plastics and metal scraps, which are then dumped into the water,” Blanchards […]

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White House Reclaimed Building Materials Is Not Reclaimed! Trump’s Housing Agency Reclaims Buildings for ‘New Construction Materials’

The Trump Administration has reclaimed thousands of new buildings and other materials from the federal government for the Trump Administration’s “New Construction Material” program, according to an article published by Breitbart News today.The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is currently seeking materials from public housing projects, public housing agencies, and private contractors.In an April 19 press release announcing […]

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How to save money on new construction materials

The building materials used in new construction are important to consider as they are the building materials most likely to be purchased by tenants.This is because they are less expensive than comparable materials used for other uses such as heating and cooling.This article is part of our new series on building materials and the tips and tricks that can make […]

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