Google Glass is a bit of a buzzword these days.

And while it is still an extremely early product, we are now seeing some of the most viral ads of the year.

Now, a Google Glass maker has hit the ground running, putting up $20K in an ad campaign.

We’ll let you watch the ad here.

The ad comes from the Glass creator Todoist, which sells an app that lets you make custom Google Glass frames.

That’s pretty cool.

The app offers an entire $50K to $200K customization process that is completely free.

The idea is to give you more control over your glasses, and to show you what is being added to your new frame, and why.

This isn’t an easy way to buy a new Google Glass frame.

You need a $30K Google Glass to get a frame, which you can get for $60 with an additional $25K to get the frame.

The $20k to $40k campaign is pretty incredible.

Here’s what the ad says:”The next step to getting a new frame is to set your goals and create a custom list of glasses you want to buy.

Then, we’ll create a list of glass frames to pair with you.

Todoists Glassware offers you the flexibility to choose the lenses you need, and the choice of frames and lenses to pair to your Google Glass.

To get started, Todoers Glassware will match your new frames with glasses that fit your needs and budget.

To learn more, visit

Todosists Glassworks is the best way to get your new glasses.”

You can watch the video of the ad right here.

We’ve reached out to Todoerist for comment and will update this post when we hear back.

We’re also going to update this story with the full details.

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