The British luxury carmaker Land Rover has revealed that it is developing a car that can walk, ride a bike and even ride on land.

The company is launching a new project called ‘The Land Rover Companion’, which will be powered by a lithium battery.

The first car, called the Land Rover Explorer, is expected to be unveiled in 2019, according to the company.

The car will be able to run on petrol or diesel, but will also feature a hybrid drivetrain and be capable of a range of speeds of up to 60km/h.

The vehicle will be based on a new generation of Land Rover vehicles, including the Explorer, that are currently being built.

The new vehicles, which are due to be introduced in 2019 and 2020, are the first in the new Land Rover family that will be manufactured by the company’s parent company, Land Rover.

The land Rover Companion, the company said, will feature a range-topping range, “making it the most powerful Land Rover to date”.

The Land Rover Companions will be fitted with a lithium-ion battery, which is the same type of battery used in Land Rover’s popular Range Rover.

Land Rover said the vehicle will not be a replacement for the current Land Rover, but would instead be “a step up”.

“Land Rover is now working on a car to rival the Range Rover, which was launched more than 30 years ago,” a spokesman told Reuters news agency.

“It’s been a long road to this moment, but we’re finally on the right track.”

The Land Rovers new flagship vehicle, dubbed the Explorer SUV, will be unveiled at the New York auto show next week.

The Explorer is also expected to sport a similar design to the current Range Rover SUV.

However, the new SUV is not expected to have a roof rack, while the Range Rovers roof rack is standard on the current model.

“Land Rovers Explorer SUV will feature more space than the Range rovers SUV,” the company added.

The explorer SUV is expected, however, to feature a variety of new features.

The vehicles will feature new technologies including a self-balancing system and electric powertrain, which the company says will “ensure optimum fuel economy, even in the harshest conditions”.

Land Rover will also be introducing a new, much more powerful electric powertrains for the Explorer and Range Rover.

It is hoped that the Explorer will be capable to power the upcoming electric SUV, the Range 2, which will offer a range up to 200 miles, according the company, as well as the upcoming Range Rover Sport.

Land Rover said the Explorer was expected to start production in 2019.

Landrover will also announce a new model in the next few years, the Expedition, which it says will offer “more mobility options than any other Land Rover”.

Landrovers Explorer is expected in 2019 Land Rover is working on an electric SUV for 2019 Land Rovelers Explorer SUV is also due to arrive in 2019 “The new Explorer SUV with a range to match the Range and Range Rover will be a step up from the current Explorer, offering more mobility options and more powerful batteries,” the spokesman added.

“Our Explorer SUV and Range SUV will also combine in a new vehicle, the Land Roover Companion, which we are calling the Companion.”

Land Rover also announced the creation of a new partnership with Chinese firm Tsinghua, which has already built a range that will surpass the current SUV range of the Landrove.

Land rover will build a new range-leading SUV Land Rover says it is “very excited” about its new partnership and will launch a new SUV in 2019 which will “give the Explorer a new dimension”.

Land rovers Explorer will debut in 2019 as the most advanced SUV in its history Land Rover was previously planning to launch its next SUV, which would also feature new technology, the “Landrover Companion”.

It was also reported that Land Rover would start building a range offering for its SUV, “but it has not announced a specific timeline”.

“The Landroving Companion SUV will offer an innovative range of technology and features,” the statement read.

“In 2018, we launched a range product, the Explorer Explorer, which offers a range exceeding the current range of our current SUV.

This SUV will be launched in 2019.”

Landroves Explorer SUV to debut in 2018 Land Rover had previously been working on its first SUV, dubbed a Land Rover Challenger, which had been planned to debut later this year.

The Challenger was due to debut before the end of 2019, but has now been delayed to the end-of-year timeframe.

“The Explorer Challenger is a premium vehicle designed to offer the best in performance, comfort and luxury, and we are very excited about its debut in early 2018,” the Land rovelers spokesperson said.

“This SUV will introduce new technology and capabilities that will further enhance our range and

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