By Matt BreenKoser, a new $20 million fence in the border town of Koser is a symbol of the new wave of fencing proposed for the U.S.-Mexico border.

It was installed earlier this month.

The fence is the largest to be constructed by U.N. officials in the country.

It’s also a symbol for the Trump administration’s border enforcement priorities, which have already included building 1,000 miles of fencing and deploying 400,000 National Guard troops in the southwest border region.

The $200 million fence is designed to create a border fence with no fence on the U-shaped land border that runs from New Mexico to Arizona.

The project will be completed by 2019, according to Koser Mayor Michael Kiser.

It’s the largest U.H.S. project to date.

Koser’s city has already built an additional fence, which has since been removed.

The town has said it will continue to fence its borders, but has not built a new fence since October.

Koser will receive $2 million in grants for the fence, and the city will have to spend $1 million annually for a year.

The city’s council is also working to expand the existing fence to the border.

Komer has said the fence will be built as a temporary measure to help ease traffic to and from the border, but that it will ultimately be used for a permanent fence.

The president of the UCC, which is the county association of Komer, said in a statement that he believes the fence “will serve as a deterrent for criminal activity and will also assist in reducing the potential for human smuggling.”

Komer, a town of only 5,000, is in the northernmost border region, about 20 miles east of Phoenix.

The county’s sheriff’s office has not said when construction will begin.

It will be the first U.K.-Mexico fence to be built in the United States.

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