The Wall St. Journal article The top U.S. technology firms in 2017, which included the top three software companies, reported sales of $1.3 trillion and operating income of $2.5 trillion, according to a Reuters tally of figures from the U.K.-based research firm Gartner.

The top five tech companies collectively sold $1 trillion in goods and services last year, according the report.

Sales of tech equipment totaled $3.1 trillion, while sales of semiconductors and sensors totaled $2 billion and operating profits of $5.2 billion.

The biggest tech companies sold $9 billion worth of digital hardware, while the largest semiconductor firms sold $6.5 billion worth, according Gartners.

“The most recent report shows that the U,S.

is not far behind, with more than $1 billion of total revenue and $1,900 of total operating income for the top five technology companies in 2017,” said the Gartener report, which did not break out revenue.

Last year, the top technology firms accounted for $3 trillion of the U

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