Blanchard said he is using recyclables to make his building materials more recyclant-friendly, and the material has been making a big difference.

“The material we use for building materials is made from recycled materials that are now going into the trash stream.

That material is made up of tons of plastics and metal scraps, which are then dumped into the water,” Blanchards said.

“So what I have been doing is using that material to make a new material that is more recycler friendly.”

Blanchard hopes to sell the materials to the local community.

“I think it’s a big market that I’m trying to grow and that we’re trying to tap into,” he said.

“We’re trying something that’s going to help us to be a cleaner environment, a better place to live, a healthier place to work.”

Blancks building materials have also made it to a few universities.

He said one of the universities that has been using his materials is the University of Colorado at Boulder.

“One of the materials that I have found that has made it is a glass that’s a good glass for a lot of applications,” Blancks said.

But even though he says he’s been able to get recycling to the community, Blanchys hope to make it a lot easier for other builders to use his materials as well.

“My goal is that there are more people that are using materials that can be recycled, and there’s a lot more options for people to recycle materials,” Blanches said.

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