The Trump Administration has reclaimed thousands of new buildings and other materials from the federal government for the Trump Administration’s “New Construction Material” program, according to an article published by Breitbart News today.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is currently seeking materials from public housing projects, public housing agencies, and private contractors.

In an April 19 press release announcing the program, HUD Secretary Ryan Zinke claimed that the program was designed to create a new “new building material.”

The Trump administration has not yet released a full list of materials the Department of HUD is seeking, but the Department’s press release indicates that more than 100 buildings are currently being reclaimed.

The press release, dated April 18, states that “the materials are used to construct new buildings that can accommodate people who may need temporary housing.”

However, the Department has not specified the specific materials that will be reclaimed.

In a February press release by HUD, the agency said that “new construction materials are a critical part of achieving our Housing and Community Development (HCD) goals to reduce the amount of construction in our Nation’s public housing facilities and help families that live in these facilities to secure long-term stability.”

HUD did not immediately respond to Breitbart News’ request for comment on the newly reclaimed materials.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with HUD to reclaim new materials from these public housing complexes that will serve as new housing for the many Americans who will need temporary homes in the coming months,” Trump’s Chief of Staff John Kelly said in a statement on April 20.

The HUD press release states that the agency is “releasing material in order to support the new construction materials and to help us accelerate the transition to a new building material system.”

Trump’s press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, has repeatedly said that the new building materials are needed for “conditions that will cause homelessness or displacement.”

“These materials will help us reduce the number of construction-related homeless individuals in the nation’s public facilities,” she said in February.

“They will help improve the health of those housed, to create safe, clean, and functional spaces for those who need them.”

However in February, HUD’s press office reported that “Housing and Community Devolving and Community Housing Services, a program run by HUD that provides assistance to public housing communities, is working with private entities to create new building, office, and other non-permanent structures to serve as permanent housing for homeless individuals.”

The Department did not provide any further information about how the materials would be used or how much of the materials are being reclaimed now.

Trump’s “Build America” Initiative in April 2020 announced a goal to reallocate nearly $6 billion to build a $1.6 trillion infrastructure program, and said the program would be funded through the use of “new housing construction materials.”

HUD’s HUD Office of Economic Opportunity released a statement in March 2020 saying that the Trump administration’s “new constructions materials” program “will help meet the needs of people living in the country’s most vulnerable communities, particularly those who are most vulnerable to homelessness.”

The HUD statement added that “all HUD projects, including the new constructions material, will be fully funded and supported.”

The announcement of HUD’s new building building materials program was met with enthusiasm from Democrats.

“As HUD Secretary, I am committed to ensuring that all Americans can live in safe, secure, affordable housing,” Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) said in an April 6 statement.

“This announcement of a new HUD program to re-purpose public housing construction material is a win-win for all Americans, including our neighbors to the north and south, and for our nation’s homeless, especially those who have been displaced by the Trump Agenda.”

However as Breitbart News reported last week, the Trump HUD program does not have the funding of the Trump budget proposed by Rep. Ryan Zinneak, R-AZ.

Zinneas plan would allocate $1,100 million for HUD’s Housing and Development Department to rehouse homeless individuals and families in public housing.

However, Zinneaks budget also does not include any funding for reallocating construction materials from private contractors to public entities.

The Trump HUD press office has not commented on the reallocation of materials to the program.

“Our commitment to reusing existing building materials will not only help the homeless population in our nation, but also improve the quality of our nation,” Zinneaus press office wrote in a response to Breitbart.

“With the support of the American people, we can build a stronger, more resilient America and better serve our communities.”

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