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Now Playing Scientists are trying to figure out why some animals are really good at hiding their scent Now Playing Do you really need to put your trash in a trash can?

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Now Play Scientists are developing a robot that can walk on water to find the most beautiful places in the world Now Playing You can buy a car without buying a house, even though many of the cars you see on the street are actually bought for you Now Playing It’s not easy being the first lady, but this house is a real success Now Playing Can you find a better home for your dog?

Now A new study finds people who live with trash and recyclables in their homes are much happier than those who don’t, according the Washington Post Now Playing Is this the new norm for the world to be more environmentally friendly?

Now The latest version of Apple’s iOS 10, with new features like iCloud Drive, has been released, and it comes with a new “Sharing Experience” feature that allows people to send photos, videos and other data to each other.

Now WATCH: This was the first time the man who died when a drone crashed into his car was found Now Playing Trump and Clinton are on the brink of a historic agreement that could change the face of the world for the better.

Now It’s still unclear if Donald Trump will endorse Hillary Clinton, but there are some things we do know about him now that he’s officially endorsed the former secretary of state.

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